Vidir BEST unit burns straw, wood chips, manure

The tarp covered bale conveyor protects the bales as well as feeding operation during winter.

Clean exhaust emissions as a result of better combustion process and particulate trapping.

Straw bales are abundantly available in prairies. Compared to any other fuel, straw is the cheapest and renewable.

When a community invests in a district heating system, and purchases straw from area farmers, the money stays in the community.

The Vidir Group of Companies

  • Vidir Machine Inc Arborg - 100 employees. Biomass heating since 1999 saving $50,000 a year heating costs. Main product manufactured – Home Depot carpet carousels and cutting machines

  • Vidir Morris Inc – 50 employees. Biomass system under installation to heat powder coating oven year round. Expected savings $100,000+ per year. Main product – hopper bottom bins and Wal-Mart Bike Merchandising Systems. We are working with Dr Bibeau at the University of Manitoba to add CHP and community heating to that system

  • Vidir Inc – 6 employees in Florida - sales and expediting
  • Vidir Biomass Systems Inc – 2 operating BEST heating system installations including a farm in Landmark.