Vidir BEST unit burns straw, wood chips, manure

The tarp covered bale conveyor protects the bales as well as feeding operation during winter.

Clean exhaust emissions as a result of better combustion process and particulate trapping.

Straw bales are abundantly available in prairies. Compared to any other fuel, straw is the cheapest and renewable.

When a community invests in a district heating system, and purchases straw from area farmers, the money stays in the community.

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Vidir Machine was started by Willie B. Dueck in 1979 as a farm repair shop in Vidir MB. By 1995 Vidir was manufacturing carpet carousels and cutting machines.

Willie's oldest son, Raymond ran a successful lumber company from 1972 - 1985. In 1985 he started what was to become ProfitMaster Computer Systems Canada, and grew the company into the largest lumberyard targeted POS system, processing more than $500,000,000 sales annually for his customers.
When Raymond joined Vidir Machine Shop, in late '95, the company had 16 employees.
Under his leadership the company grew to 160 employees in 6 new companies, including Vidir Florida, Vidir Teulon, Vidir Morris, Vidir Bins, and Biomass Energy System Technologies. Mr. Dueck is the registered inventor shown on more that a dozen patents.
Now under the umbrella of, Raymond, Bernie, Anand, and the team expect significant continuing growth.

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